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Buck Ball Color 3mm5mm Rubik's Cube Magnetic Ball Assembling Toy Decompression Magnetic Building Block Puzzle Factory Direct Sales

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Product Parameters
Sharp Weapon: Sharp Weapon(N)
Electrified: Electrified(N)
Product detail

Pass the time, improve creativity,
Three-layer electroplating to reduce rust and discoloration, and the color is full and not deformed
Since the product is characterized by strong magnetism, please put it back in the product box after use. Do not put the product together with home appliances or watches
In order to avoid unnecessary losses to other products due to strong magnetism!
In order to prevent children from accidentally eating, buck ball has been added with food-grade bitter essence
This product is suitable for children over 14 years old. Beware of accidental ingestion by children. If accidentally ingested, please seek medical attention immediately. Hereby declare!

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