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HYYER 有趣的毛绒动物帽,带有气囊 跳跃耳朵可移动礼物

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Size Chart

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
Packing size: 24 x 14 x 7.01 cm
Department: Ms.

Product Parameters
Sharp Weapon: Sharp Weapon(N)
Electrified: Electrified(N)
Product detail

Hyyer elephant plush animal head hat, **, removable hat ears to add charm, multi-purpose, is a good gift.


-Animal head caps are made of high-quality materials, soft and comfortable, with excellent clothing accessories, accessories for your family and friends.

★ Removable hat ears

-Animal ears that can jump and move when pressing the paw. The double airbags must be pressed and Animal Ear can jump.

★Add pendant

-If you like to masturbate with friends, Hyyer's fun plush bunny hat will make you more beautiful in your photos. With the animal head hat, you will definitely become the most charming focal point when attending a party or some activities.


-Easter hats, Christmas hats, winter hats, Halloween hats, children's hats, plush, toys, hats. You can keep warm.

★Perfect gift

Moving The Animal Ear hat will make your wife, children and other girlfriends satisfied, you will get more smiles and fall in love with the visa Animal head hat.


Since manual measurement may have an error of 1-2 cm (note: 1cm = 0.39 inch), please understand. Due to different monitor settings, colors may vary.

We provide you with the best products and services. If you have any questions, please contact me. thank you very much.

✔ 【*和*】 - 这款服装配件采用优质材料制成,柔软舒适,为您的家人和朋友提供**的玩具。
✔ 【尺寸合适】-适合动物帽,35CM大号,很容易适合任何儿童和成人。
✔ 【加电费】 - 如果您喜欢自己愉快,Hyyer 趣味毛绒动物帽会让您在照片中更加美丽。 拥有的动物头帽,在参加派对或一些活动时,您一定会成为*迷人的焦点。
✔ 【多种】 - 复活节帽子、圣诞帽、冬季帽、万圣节帽、儿童帽、毛绒玩具、帽子。 可以保暖。
✔ 【完美礼物】 - 动物帽会让您的妻子、孩子和其他女朋友感到满意,您会得到更多的笑容,爱上 visa Animal 头帽。
product detail: [✔ 【*和*】 - 这款服装配件采用优质材料制成,柔软舒适,为您的家人和朋友提供**的玩具。, ✔ 【尺寸合适】-适合动物帽,35CM大号,很容易适合任何儿童和成人。, ✔ 【加电费】 - 如果您喜欢自己愉快,Hyyer 趣味毛绒动物帽会让您在照片中更加美丽。 拥有的动物头帽,在参加派对或一些活动时,您一定会成为*迷人的焦点。, ✔ 【多种】 - 复活节帽子、圣诞帽、冬季帽、万圣节帽、儿童帽、毛绒玩具、帽子。 可以保暖。, ✔ 【完美礼物】 - 动物帽会让您的妻子、孩子和其他女朋友感到满意,您会得到更多的笑容,爱上 visa Animal 头帽。]
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