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Joy For All- Robotic Golden Dog Companion Pet for Alzheimer's and Caregivers

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Is you loved one ready for this no maintenance, realistic, interactive dog!   

Her fur is very soft with her cute red bandanna and she has many interactive features!  She moves when you pet the back of her head;  she responds to voices with her head turning towards you and a happy "woof";  she will nuzzle your hand when you pet her cheeks; you experience a heartbeat sensation when you gently pet her back. If you don't interact with her she will take a nap... to wake her up simply pat her head.   Interactive instructions are included. Adorable and loving is this beautiful gal!  

Approximate Size: 15" long x 10" w x 14" h,  sitting position

Care: Surface Wash Only

She has an on, off and mute switch. Batteries are included: 4 x 1.5V C Alkaline batteries,  Made by Ageless Innovation.

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