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Three-dimensional Rubik's Cube, Maze Ball, Walking Bead 4-6-12 Years Old Children, Six Faces, Challenging, Puzzle Toy, Male and Girl T

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Sharp Weapon: Sharp Weapon(N)
Electrified: Electrified(N)
Product detail

Product name : 3D labyrinth (listed for one)

weight :plastic 

Material: 18 g

packing :OPP bag

Dimensional: length, width and height are about 3.7cm

Case: 1000 / box


Three-dimensional maze in coordination with the exercise of hand and brain, patience, attention and other abilities, suitable for 3-99 years old people, remove impetuous pressure is a healthy and challenging game toys.It is also a good gift for children's birthday and party in kindergarten.


01 Spatial cognition

Let children play a three-dimensional rotating maze to develop spatial thinking skills, balance, patience, concentration and action

02 is smooth

The inner track is very smooth, high permeability PVC plastic isolation beads, very safe for baby to play

03 Flexible and convenient

Easy to carry, no need to assemble disassembly, open to play, convenient storage


The creative design of transparent three-dimensional six sides with 720 degrees rotation changes the monotonous and boring tradition of flat labyrinth, making the game more challenging, playable and interesting, and training players' thinking ability, balance and reaction ability.Through the game to cultivate people's patience and perseverance, so that players get happy in the game.



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