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Super Soft Plush Corduroy Cuddle Farm Lying Frog Stuffed Animal Toy, 12 inch Adorable Farm Animal

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This 12" lying Frog stuffed animal is perfectly adapted for life outside the country. It has a combination of perfectly balanced corduroy fabric and super soft fabric.
  • Super Soft Corduroy Frog: This plush toy is silky to the touch, perfect for any child to play with.
  • Frog With Diverse Textures: The combination of super-soft fabric and corduroy makes this stuffed animal home to different textures, making it more fun to hug and love.


  • Ultra- Plushy Frog: This animal is very well-stuffed, making it extremely plushy and huggable. 


  • 12" inch tall super soft plush stuffed farm animal Frog.
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