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Super Soft Plush Corduroy Cuddle Farm Sitting Frog Stuffed Animal Toy, 9 inch Adorable Farm Animal with Glitter Eyes

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Product detail
This 9" sitting Frog stuffed animal is perfectly adapted for life outside the country. It has super soft fabric, perfect for cuddles and hugs. The glitter eyes shine and compliment the stuffed animals characteristics fantastically.
  • Super Soft Frog: This plush toy is silky to the touch, perfect for any child to play with.
  • Glitter Eyes: These eyes give this plush a creative and cute look that makes it stand out among other stuffed animals.


  • Frog With Diverse Textures: The combination of super-soft fabric and longer hair makes this stuffed animal home to different textures, making it more fun to hug and love.


  • Ultra- Plushy Frog: This animal is very well-stuffed, making it extremely plushy and huggable. 


  • 9" Inch tall super soft plush stuffed animal farm Frog.
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