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Silicone stress toys, squeeze sensory toys, stress relief for autistic special needs

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[Stress Relief] Help restore emotions, household necessities, parent-child play, autism, games, etc that can be played by seniors, children, and adults.

[Comfort bubble] Just press the mouse's bubble, they will make a slight pop-up sound;Then flip it over and start again!Permanently reusable and clean.

[Using Fine Motor Games] layers take turns pressing down any number of mouse clicks.The player who presses the last mouse will lose.Push and "pop" is a great decompressor tool for hair stretchers, skin gatherers, and other sensory explorers.

This popular gadget is a great sensory tool that you fiddle with over and over again.

If you have any questions, please contact us.We will solve your problem within 24 hours.


Ever caught your kids, or even yourself, popping bubble wrap over the right side of a box?Then you will love this bubble toy.

UST presses mouse bubbles, and they make a slight pop-up sound.Then flip it over and start again!Permanently reusable and clean.

It is non-toxic, odorless and will not cause any harm to people and pets.

Bright colors and pleasant sounds are sure to delight children!

An ideal gift for a friend.


Material: Silica gel

Weight: 60-70 grams

Product size: 12 cm × 12 cm

Packing list :1 piece pressure reliever

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