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Smooth abs plastic, with exclusive protective cases, perfect for picking - relieving anxiety and stress - silent click popper figure toys

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High quality and durable Fidget controller pad cubes are made of high quality skin-friendly silicone and plastic materials, with a portable cord.The rubberized leather coat has been specially designed to provide maximum comfort in hand.Soft rubber buttons, better joysticks and buttons, clear click sound and mute buttons, both of which can exercise your finger flexibility while relieving stress, a quiet and fun tabletop gameplay.

[Comes with portable decompression pad] A lanyard attached to a latchkey or bag to enhance the tinkering experience so teens can easily track their popular decompression retro!Each Pocket Puzzle Kit is a small, portable desktop toy with a miniature real game controller that can only be held in your hand.The decompression board with the key chain is the most ergonomic and light weight.With a gadget cord, you can easily carry it on your bag or pocket.

[8 Puzzle Features] Relieve stress and anxiety, stay calm, and increase concentration with this sensory retro pad. (1) Clickable, swivelable joystick;(2) 4 clickable buttons (2 auditory and 2 mute);(3) gear roller;(4) a gripping texture massage roller;(5) a clickable switch;(6) a rotating dial;(7) A spring slider is installed;(8) A gripping texture section - This retro funnel for autism and depression blocks offers endless stress relief treatments for people with ADHD, ADHD, and ADHD.

Easy Way to Calm Anywhere. Whether you're grocery shopping with your baby, waiting at an amusement park, or at the doctor's office, this stress pad keeps your fingers moving so everyone stays cool.

[High quality guarantee] Size :7.3 X 3.6 X 2.6 cm / 2.87 inches X 1.4 inches X 1 inches (easy to carry), material :ABS(safe and durable)


Material and features:


ABS material on the surface coated with rubber coating, feel first-class.The controller has six functions, each of which is unique.


1. Joystick: Unlike the first generation joystick, our joystick is completely at the gamer level.When we press, we feel like we've been through a game.


2, 4 buttons: two buttons have sound, two don't, the buttons are bigger than the first generation, better experience.


3. Scroll button: The sound of gears can be heard when rotating.


4. Massage button: The mouse kills the horse and the fingers relax all day.


5. Paddle button: retractable button, each move will immediately restore the original position.It also helps to quit smoking!


6. Rotate the dial: Experience rotating the dial.


7. Forget the Worry Button: A relaxing goodbye to the worries of the day


This product is equipped with key chain, easy to carry, prevent loss!

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