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Silicone toys, squeezed-sensory toys, suitable for children with ADD, ADHD or autism (adults) to help restore mood

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[Pop!To relieve your stress] -- oh, my benefit!What a terrible year this past year has been!Are you tired of your boring job?Do you want to get rid of your child's irrational crying?Do you want to relax immediately?Do you get cracks in your head?The past year's viral epidemic has given us fear!Yes, we urgently need to release the inner pressure.This pop bubble makes a really good toy!Just pop them with your finger!That sounds very exciting!

[Health Materials and Packaging] Wow!Super good!The toy comes packaged in a bag for easy carrying.Non-toxic tasteless, reusable, can be a long time to clean!Don't worry about your children or adults getting hurt!

[Features and Usage] It can help restore emotions, household necessities, parent-child play, autism, and play that can be played by the elderly, children and adults.Kaqulec brand products!Just press the bubbles and they make a slight pop-up sound;Then flip it and start again!Reusable and clean.

[Fashion and Variety] 5 pieces in total!1 yellow cactus,1 pink mermaid,1 yellow square,1 green square,1 colored circle!This link has many combinations, you can refer to other models, choose your favorite!

[Good Service] Due to manual measurement, the picture and size are slightly different from the actual product!If you are not satisfied with Kaqulec, please contact us and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution!


Ever caught your kids, or even yourself, popping bubble wrap over the right side of a box?Then you will love this bubble toy.

Relieve stress, help restore mood, family essentials, parent-child play, autism, games for the elderly, children and adults.

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